Pintel Problems

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Hey All,

I have a 1983 Capri Cyclone 13 not a 14.2 but I'd bet the parts are similar/same.

Today, upon removing the rudder/tiller assembly the metal pintel snapped apart just above the notch in the top part of the pin which allows the spring loaded device to be easily removed from the gudgeon. After 26 years, I guess it was just time.

I'm trying to figure out how to replace this piece. I disassembled the rudder assembly and have the pintel pin out itself -- it measures 7.5 inches total, 3/8 in diameter pin, and is notched at 5 3/8in up from the bottom of the spring loaded pin.

Unfortunately, the standard transom mounted gudgeon on the Capri Cyclone 13 is just a little too big (tall) for a Sunfish pintel set.

So my question is: Any ideas where I can get a replacement pintel pin? 2)Is this pin the same size as that used in the Capri 14.2? Thanks - Todd