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Pigtail, quick splice or butt splice for a Kitty Hawk?

Mrs. P

I'm repairing various trailers and need to replace the trailer end connector on a Kitty Hawk.

It appears I have three options on "waterproof" wire connectors/splicers - pigtail, quick splice or butt splice. Assuming, I'm going to use shink wrap tubing over the quick splice or butt splice, which connector/wire splice method is best for a Kitty Hawk? Meaning, which one will last the longest with the constant abuse of launching.

Also can someone tell me why all my trailers have a 5 wire, 4 flat connector but the only replacement connectors in the stores are for 4 wire, 4 flat? I'm assuming I can join the two brown wires coming from the tail lights with the one brown wire coming from the new connector and use the 4 wire, 4 flat. Is that right?