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I have a 60's era Sunfish that was salvaged following a storm. The hull is beyond repair, but most of the fittings are still in usable shape. I have the following:
- the forward lift handle
- the curved line tender (I assume) from the front of the cockpit
- two drain fittings and plugs (the original deck fittings)
- the old style rudder assembly and rudder
- dagger board
- the wire traveler
- metal baler (bronze?)
- mast and spars
- a white sail, with a couple of rough spots.

I am disassembling the boat now, and will finish up by the end of June. I can post pictures of the parts if anyone is interested.

I honestly don't know how much these parts are worth, but I would like to make enough from these items to be able to buy a new sail for my new-to-me Minifish. The original sail it came with works, but it is faded and has a couple of very small holes in it. A new one would be around $175.