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Pictures of different sails


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I love the second one on the left in the above picture does anyone know where you can get a sail like that im getting sick of the sunrise and other ones


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The Sail that i have now is a different looking one I had never seen before I bought the boat and I like it a lot unfortunatlly it has a small hole in it, but still useable but i'd like to get another one like it and i can match the colors up pretty well on the site you provided

Heres the sail

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o yes I had seen this site before and had wondered why sunfish switched to north sails but I could never figure it out


Hi, those fotos are really cool. Are there yours?¿?¿??
No, just one of them. (Newport sail) I just thought "we" could compare and enjoy pictures of boats and sails. Where i sail there has to be at least 40 sunfish. (Less than a square mile) I like taking pics of the different ones and sharing them. Feel free to add your own!