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Pico sails worn out?


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I bought a used Laser Pico a month ago, and now that I have some experience sailing it ~ 10 times in our neighborhood lake, I would like more speed.

I attached some pictures of the mainsail, I think the previous owner said the boat is about 20 years old, do the sails look like they should be replaced? I see intensitysails has a mainsail for $125, laserperformance.global has the Mylar sport sail (25% more sail area) for $320 shipped (incl tax).

I guess I am trying to figure out how much extra performance I can get out of this boat without breaking the bank.

I don't know if it makes a difference, but I would rather have my average speed higher, than increase the max speed.




Our club Pico's are 10yrs old now on original sails. Apart from a visit to the sail maker to replace some stitching they are still good. Looking a little faded now. If we upgrade we will buy some of the mylar sport sails as they often get sailed by adults and we'd like a little more whizz.