Pickup Truck Transport?

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Can a Sunfish be transported in the back of pickup truck? Anyone have any pictures of how best to do this? I am picking one up in the morning and I think it should fit but I would love confirmation from someone who has done it! =)
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A six foot bed has less than half of a Sunfish supported. Maybe OK, but depends on the ride.

I made a rack with 5/4ths lumber and bed frames. The Sunfish hangs over the tailgate and hood, and is transported with the transom forward. It's not easy to load for one person, but using a stepladder helps to support one end.
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L&VW - thank you for your response! I do have another peron to help me.

So sounds like tailgate should remain down for the extra support? only traveling about 15 minutes and can stay off highways, but there may be hills and turns...

I have a 6.5 bed with tailgate up, if I put it down that gives a little over 8 feet of support, but then I wouldn't have the extra confidence of having the nose lifted up for a little more gravity to happen in the back. Planning on loading stern first into the bed so nose is sticking out.
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Only thing I'd worry about is that the extended load is properly secured and marked with a
flag according to state law. What with our litigious society if a drunk rear-ends you, you don't
want to give his lawyer any excuses.


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I've seen Sunfish carried diagonally in a pickup's bed! :confused:

But OK, it's a short ride, and only one-way. Find a way to secure the "near" end, and soften the tailgate end—like with boat fenders. Don't hit any speed bumps on the way. :eek:

Advising to travel during daylight hours. Asking others if carrying it up-side down would give better support.


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I recommend making a rectangular shaped frame out of 2 by 4 for the boat to sit on. This will allow for the boat to sit flat and also product the cockpit drain. Hooks can be screwed into the frame to be strapped down then all you need is to run some bungees or rope around the boat and connect them. This may be overkill for a short drive, but just an option.


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So this guy seems to have done it! And he didn't even have a tailgate...so I think it will fit??
Here is my poor '95 pickup, halfway through its twice-yearly 2000-mile trek, carrying two sliding glass doors, tons of tools and hardware, chaise lounges—annnnnd...a Sunfish!

Driving around a few weeks before the trip, I noticed that the Sunfish kept the cab interior cooler when parked in the Florida sun. A thin stainless steel cable, threaded through a protective foam tube (which protects the paint) holds the transom down. Notice that I'm not blocking a sidewalk. ;)

It was when I saw the parked truck (and sign) that I thought to take the photo. :)

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I was worried about nothing, it fit fine! Thanks for all the comments! One line from bow to front bumper, and one from bow to back bumper kept it firmly in place! I wasn't traveling too far so it worked perfectly!

Unfortunately the bottom needs repairs. Stay tuned- Next thread on that!



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:-O ?

I think you meant: ≡≡8-O ;)

While looking for something else, I found more information on transporting a Sunfish with a pickup truck:
Securing for transport | SailingForums.com

A Sunfish search turned up nothing on "furling" or "securing", so I'm adding it here:

Fullscreen capture 832017 70140 PM.bmp.jpg
When furling between sailing sessions, or for overnight, the sail is protected—plus—it keeps the PFD from blowing away. One buckle goes in front—and one behind—the halyard. Good idea? :)

Now, where did my paddle go? :confused: