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Someone offered me a Phantom for $375 on another board. Doesn't know the year. Says it sails nicely. What do you think of Phantoms? He mentioned that it has some paste work on the bottom but hasn't given him any trouble.
Before the racing sail & daggerboard for the Sunfish the Phantom had a faster portsmouth rating. Not a bad little boat. Fine as a daysailer but for racing if you're allowed you'll see a lot of sterns.
No longer built, no class association...but it is cheap. If the kids (or you) want a play-around-on boat, go for it. The price is very nice. Otherwise, I'd stick with the real deal. Class support, parts are available, one design....

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Well it's offical: I'm the proud owner or a Phantom. Just picked it up. There is some paste work on the bottom like he said. But I went for it. Still have to get a life preserver and some other stuff before I sail. (Yep, the boat is for all 190lbs of me!)
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I just got back from the Hudson River. I had a blast! The wind was dead for a while. But it picked up as the day went on. The boat handled pretty good. Considering I don't think I rigged it quite right.

I got this little dolly that can be attached (upside down) to your car trunk. I was able to just roll the boat on and off the car racks. Got it in Piermont Bycicle and Kayak Shop were i also got a good life preserver.