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I just bought a 1987 Howmar Phantom Sunfish clone and the only drain plug I can find is under the bow handle. Is there another drain plug somewhere I can't find or is the under-the-bow-hande plug it? Is there any reason I could not install a Laser-like drain plug low on the transom just opposite the rudder hardware?

I have been sailing this boat on Glen Lake in Michigan the past week, and I must say I am impressed. It does not seem to be as fast as my race Sunfish but it is is much more stable and handled the 20 mph wind we got most days nicely.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY



My daughter just bought a beat up Phantom and has repaired it and is also sailing it in Michigan (Traverse Bay), with a Sunfish sail. She loves it so far. Likes the rudder raising system....

And the only drain does appear to be under the bow handle. We will probably install a transom drain at some point.



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As you found, Portsmouth numbers indicate that the Sunfish is faster; however, the Phantom has some features that make it seem "better thought-out". (Excepting the sail-to-spars attachment).
Under the handle is the only one. I have one and they're good little sailors and fast too. I put an inspection port in the rounded indention just behind the mast and that will give you some access as well as a great place for storing a small dry bag for cell phones and such.