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I purchased a Phantom sailboat and am redoing it. I need the little black piece the mainsail runs through to the cam cleat. This piece on this boat fits underneath the coaming in a small space, the rope runs through it and into the cockpit. If anyone has one or knows of something similar, please contact me. Thanks. See pic.


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That looks like a bullseye fairlead. And no, the mainsail doesn't run through it.
Halyard: rope to raise the sail (and the upper boom; aka gaff)
Sheet: rope to control the boom while sailing
Look at the placement, it is right under the V of the coaming. The halyard runs through there and cleats in the cockpit or just past the coaming? Does not seem intuitive. Anybody have any deck pics of boat rigged? Am at a loss. Thanks for any help.


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Yes, the halyard runs through this bullseye fairlead after passing through the first fairlead at the base of the mast, then it is cleated off. It is positioned as you’ve said, centered with the coaming.
A Sunfish bullseye should work as a replacement, but holes might not line up.
Go to YouTube and search ‘Howmar Phantom’ and you will see video of proper rigging (screenshot attached) As Beldar and Wave said, the mainsheet does not go through this fairlead.


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Thank you so much, makes better sense now. I did buy a sunfish one, yes, it does not line up and it is too high to fit under coaming. Thank you again for your help.
BB just stated the essential :rolleyes: but I'll add this:



Looking at a few pictures of Phantoms such as these, it is clear that you're missing both the horn cleat for the halyard (although the holes for it are visible on your deck) and the main halyard fairlead next to the mast step. The "Sunfish" fairlead you bought should work at the latter position.

Your original at-the-coaming fairlead looks a little different than what current fitting manufacturers provide, so measure its height and the distance between the screwholes (or just take it with you when you go shopping); your local chandleries should have something similar that fits. To avoid the wear that the old fairlead shows, you might want to go for one with a stainless insert:

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