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I realize that I'm probably going to get about as many different answers as people that respond, but here goes....

Does anyone have a favorite PFD that they can recommend? One that is very comfortable, and is best for inland dinghy sailing. I'd like to buy these once and get it right the first time.

Thanks in advance.

Dave: We use the "Sailing Vest" sold by West Marine, p. 901 in their 2004 catalog. They sell for about $50 now though ours are an earlier model that we bought on sale a couple of years ago. Worked well the one time we unexpectedly swam, and generally comfortable to wear, except when its hot! Dick K.
As we are coming to sailing from years of canoeing & kayaking, we are using PFDs we already have since they have passed the test of being suitable for active sports. Our Seda (a southern Calif. company, they have a web site) models are quite comfortable and flexible since there are no large foam panels, but individual small blocks of foam sewn in columns that can conform to the wearer easily. They have great bouyancy. But like any foam vest, the same insulation that keeps you warm in the water will keep you hot in the summer sun.

What's the saying? The best PFD is the one you'll wear. So go to a good water sports store, particularly a paddle sports shop that is used to fitting PFDs that must be worn all the time, and find one that is just right for you.
I purchased and use a Mustang manually Inflatable PFD with built in harness. I find it very comfortable. It fits well and is out of the way. The built in harness may seem overkill and it added to the price but I wanted a PFD I could use on my 14 or when invited to crew on larger boats. The Mustang has among the best bouncy of any of the inflatables. I am 6'3" 270 and it is very comfortable.

I purchased at Landfall Navigation along with a whistle and strobe for about $170.

I should mention one of the nice features about the harness is that it gives me a place to clip my handheld VHF. If I go overboard I want the radio with me (it is submersible).

Hope this helps.