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Petrel's punky sunfish hull - patches & hole


Here is a wide view of the hull with its many patches. I like the blue color -- looks pretty from a distance. I've refinished furniture and woodwork, painted wooden skiffs and plaster walls. Landscaped. Maybe I'll be able to do something with this punky sunfish hull beyond practicing glass patching and inspection port installation. (Gotta remember to use new blade(s).)


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How did you go about patching you hull? what system products did you use for the patch kit? And how did you prep the area for that patch work?I have a late 60's early 70's sunfish with a few stress cracks and one through crack.

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I tried responding before, but my link wasn't working correctly.
I did not do any work on this boat, and it's new to me for only $100.
I do need to make some repairs to a hole in the hull (see photo). I will also need to do other things like replace the bailer, fix the foam blocks, install inspection ports and check for leaks. The sail and rigging look okay. The rudder and daggerboard need some epoxy and / or replacement (someday).

Others on the forum will be able to help you with fiberglass work. I'm a beginner. Good luck.