Performing Gybe with Whisker Pole, single-handed.

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I've been thinking about how to Perform a Gybe with Whisker Pole, single-handed. Can someone describe the basics of this maneuver? I assume I need to remove the pole, gybe, and then re-attach it, but is there more to it than this?
Main problem is keeping boat going straight downwind while performing the task. I use a small bungee attached between tiller and Barney Post to help, and steer a bit by moving weight appropriately (wt to starboard makes it move to port and vice versa). So move yourself forward, unclip jibsheet and hold with right tension, unclip whisker pole from mast, pull whisker pole toward you with loose end moving up parallel with mast so clew stays low, push whisker out the other side (same as main) while pulling in the jibsheet on the new side so that jib doesn't get away and bring the end of whisker to mast where it is clipped again. Now get back to the tiller and jibe the main. Easy, but practice in light winds first. RK
gybe single handed

From an earlier post I see you have a tiller tamer, so the only thing I would add is to make sure the center board is down prior to the gybe.
If the wind is light you can probly push the sail end of the pole thru the foretriangle without removing either end from mast or sail. Just be ready to quickly control both the old loaded sheet and the new. Then gybe the main.
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Ok, I think I see how this would work. Keep in mind that my (homemade) Whisker Pole attaches to Jib with a “hooked spear point” and I can ‘tame my tiller’.

Imagine I am on Port Tack, with Main hanging to the starboard and Whisker/Jib hanging to port:

1) So I set the tiller and make sure centerboard is down.
2) Then I release the port jib sheet
3) Walk forward to the mast and unhook the Whisker pole at the mast.
4) Pull the unhooked portion of the Whisker pole toward the back of the boat, while bringing/pulling the Jib Clew inward to myself.
5) Un-spear the Jib Clew and the spear the other side of the Jib Clew.
6) Push the Whisker Pole around the mast (through the jib triangle) and set the Jib on starboard side.
7) Re-attach Whisker Pole to mast.
8) Return to helm and Sheet in the starboard jib sheet.
9) Finally, perform gybe, with Mainsail moving from starboard to port.

Cool, I think I can do this. :cool:


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The problem I have is that we sail on a fairly short course with lots of boats. By the time I set up a whisker pole I find I need to gybe to avoid other boats or work a better angle at the mark. It is much more important to me to keep the boat on course and getting every bit out of the main. I sometimes hold the jib sheet out with my arm as a short whisker pole and sail by the lee to keep it filled. But I have found strategy, maneuvering, and a quick round up and sail trim at the lee mark too important to be distracted by putting the whisker pole up and down, gybing it, storing it etc. I suppose if the wind were light or the downwind leg longer I might reconsider.