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Performance differences between the different ILCA/Laser builders?

John MMM

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Sorry if this has been discussed a lot already, I don’t find a discussion on it.

Any views on the differences between the different ILCA/Laser builders?
Mainly performance difference, also quality.

I am thinking a buying one, so I am keen to make a good choice! I don’t need one that is faster than the rest, I just want to avoid getting a slow one!



Upside down?
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Doubt that there are good data as of now. Most of the (eight) ILCA dealers are relatively new to the game. Moreover, I doubt that you will be able to find boats made by all of them in Ireland (or the USA for that matter).
Ovington has a good/excellent reputation for building quality boats though; maybe LaLi is more familiar with the European scene and can expand on this issue.

All in all though, all manufacturers are SUPPOSED to turn out identical hulls and the ILCA does inspect the various plants, I have read.

Please do keep us informed about what you decide to do.
And be sure to keep your head out of the boat when you are racing...

John MMM

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Thanks Wavedancer.

I do like the look of Ovington.

The kind of differences I'd like to know about are
1- stiffness of the hull. The underside of a Laser does flex a fair bit when you push it hard with your hand.
2- whether the fittings leak or come loose. Or, worse, cracking or de-lamination.

But as you say, it might be too soon to know.


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maybe LaLi is more familiar with the European scene and can expand on this issue.
Or maybe not :oops: I haven't looked at these things for a while, and I'm much more familiar with the Scandinavian/Baltic area anyway.

What I do know is that in these countries a couple old dealers have switched to Ovington, a couple more to Nautivela, and a couple more new ones have opened up for both. Yet another couple appeared still undecided when I last checked. Haven't seen any Devotis (or any new Asian or Argentinian boats) up here, but there's a PSA dealer right here in my hometown, and that's where I plan to get all my spare parts in the future.

No one else probably has any statistics either, but my impression is that most top sailors at the moment favour PSA, with Ovington in second place. The inconsistent quality of Nautivela's 470s back in the day makes me a bit distrustful of their ILCAs as well, but the construction is simple and strict, and they're being monitored just like the others.

Will be a lot wiser a year or two from now :) Keep on reporting on the Irish scene.