Pensacola YC

Has anyone heard recent news of Pensacola YC since the hurricane? I saw some pics and it looked bad, many of the big trees had blown over and the docks seemed gone, although the clubhouse was still there.

I got my fish(es) from down there this spring.....beautiful facility and I want to return to sail there.

Just wondering how the fellow sunfish crowd faired and how this will affect any of their sailing schedule. Hopefully everone faired well.

The pics are mostly correct. The clubhouse came thru with little damage. Docs, trees & boat suffered poorly. All the trees on the east ( on your left as you enter the club ) and south (bayside ) are gone. The club is open as well as ongoing cleanup of debris.

All the beach areas and houses within 100 ft of the bay suffered flood damage thru out the P'cola area... mostly servere to nothing left. Most of the rest of the area suffered some to major debris damage.... roofs, uprooted and down trees. Cleanup is expected to extend into the spring.... repairs for some years.

We just went to Bay Waveland to sail our second regional.