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PENDING PICK-UP - 2 Alcort Super Sailfish Mark II


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Charles City
My wife and I bought a house and 2 Alcort Sailfish were in the yard and sails in the garage. We are not sailors. Prior owner burned the rudders . I have more photos, but will include some basic images to give an idea what we have. There are 3-4 small (1-3") holes in both sails. Hulls seem in good shape aside from the one strip separating on one hull. Would like to sell all as one lot. $300 obo.


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Alan S. Glos

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Very nice. These are Alcort Super Sailfish Mark II boats with size correct (75 sq.ft) Sunfish sails. $300 is a great price if the buyer can find or has rudders and daggerboards to make them sailable. Do you still have the bronze rudder hardware and the two wood daggerboards? I have at least 1 set of the rudder hardware for sale but no wood rudder blades or wood daggeboards at this writing.

Good luck with your sale.

Alan Glos
Cazenovia, NY


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I'll check around, but what is pictured is what I KNOW I have for the boats. Thank you for the added information. UPDATE: there are no other parts other than what is shown in pictures.
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