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Had to drive to LA today, so thought I would drop by the factory. It was Very impressive, not that I got to go inside. Walked across the parking lot to the parts department. A couple of big trailers in the lot loaded with nice new boats. One had a new 34'... very cool, makes me want to trade up. Anyone want to donate the money to a good cause.... me? The other trailer was loaded with new Capri 14.2 Expos ( Some kind of new model that has a carbon fiber mast and no jib.
Bought new shrouds for my boat in their parts department, I have a real fear of breaking a shroud, and with the plastic, it's kind of hard to tell what shape they are in. Anyway, the staff was very nice, got the shrouds off the shelf, took my money and sent me on my way. 90 degress outside in Woodland Hills today, 70 at the beach. About time to get the boat in the water.