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I am curious what the piece is called that sits on top of the cuddy cabin is. It looks like a piece of trim, and is just aft of the mast step. Its about 2 inches wide and 16 inches long.

Is it called the "rubrail."

Again, it sit right a top the cuddy cabin and screws in right above it.



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Trim question.

I presume you have an old Mod 1. I think the item in question is the piece of teak trim that holds the wooden cuddy door in place. If you don't have a cuddy door, and you have an open cuddy, then you'll have a big problem if you capsize. (The boat will fill up with water.) If I'm right, better figure out a way to fit a homemade door in place, as Catalina doesn't sell those old doors anymore.
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No, my boat is only a few years old. I had one with the cuddy cabin glued in. I am talking about a piece of fiberglass trim that sits on top of the cuddy cabin just aft of the mast step. I looked in the Owner's manual/parts manual I ordered through the association, and the only thing I saw it could be is the "rubrail."

Perhaps a better question is: what's a rubrail as listed in the parts manual?
I don't recall such a piece on my mod 3. I'll have to take a look, but it all is pretty smooth there on my boat as best I can remember.

Perhaps this is a modification the previous owner made?

The rubrail is the moulding around the edge of the deck along the outside.
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Its was definately a factory installed piece.

It sits right above the entrance of the cuddy cabin, just on top. In fact, you can't pull the cuddy cabin out without first removing this piece of trim/fiberglass because it hangs down about 1/2" below the top of the cuddy cabin rim (where the cuddy cabin screws in) And it fit snugly into a two inch wide, 1.4" deep little depression above the cuddy cabin.

I just need to know its name so I can order one.

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Cuddy cabin blues

I feel like a detective trying to solve a mystery with only one clue. But now, by your saying you sometimes take the "cuddy cabin out" I think I know what's happening. I think you have a Mod 2, which is the version built with a fiberglass box about 18" or so on each side that sits in the cuddy opening, and provides a small storage space. Catalina came out with this version because the old Mod 1s had lousy doors that leaked and took on a lot of water when capsized. The cuddy insert, which you call a "cuddy cabin" was glued in place so as to make the boat safer. But nobody liked the insert, as the storage space was too limited. This led to many Mod 2 owners modifing their boats so they could take the cuddy insert out when they wanted to store a large item. I'm guessing you have a Mod 2 modified as I described. If your "cuddy cabin" is a fiberglass box open on one end I'll know I'm right. If not, I'm really stumped.
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I do have an insertable cuddy cabin insert. But that 's not what I am talking about. Its a piece of fiberglass trim/molding that sits on the space above the cuddy cabin insert.

Its runs width wise the length of the cuddy cabin insert, and sits about two inches wide fore and aft. Its right behind the mast step. It was siliconed in. Its just a piece of trim/molding.
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Picture? Yep. I will post where it 'was.' I had to rip it apart to get it out so I could remove the cuddy cabin. I will show you the indentation where it fits.

Try and get a photo tomorrow.
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Its in the Owners Association Handbook

But its not labled. If you take a look at "Drawing 1" from the Owners Handbook you buy through this association, this piece is depicted. Take a look at the side view of the cockpit. You will notice this little notched piece of trim sitting literall atop the entrance to the cutty cabin container/insert. If you look at the "Forward Bulkhead" view, you'll see something that looks like wood trim right above the cuddy cabin insert. And if you look at the top view, look right aft of the mast step, and you will see the long rectangular shape, with the ends tapered towards the front. That's the piece.

Like I said, I just need to know the name of it so I can order another one.

Hope that helps. My guess is that its simply called "that piece of trim above the cuddy cabin insert."

Thanks for all the help.

Picture of 1991 Model 2

Maybe this will help.
My guess is that a new part will need to be custom made.
I will also attempt to post a second pictue of a newer Model 2.
Picture of 1991 Model 2 - 2nd try

Picture of 1991 Model 2
Maybe this will help.
My guess is that a new part will need to be custom made.
I will also attempt to post a second pictue of a newer Model 2.

Second Attempt.


On my boat I reworked the cudde box to remove without removing the wood part.
A close look at the picture of the newer boat sems to show the opening higher.
A trim part made from fiberglas may be repaired with epoxy and painted to match. Or repaired with a white epoxy. I have found that tape can be used to position epoxy while it cures. This method can assure no voids and minimal excess to hand work off.

Hope this helps.
That piece on my boat is made of white plastic not fiberglass, Its like plastic angle( like iron comes in). Almost like some kind of plastic shower trim in an rv or trailerhouse.
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My piece WAS fiberglass; I obliterated it trying to remove it. ;)

That's why I need a new one. I have asked the guys at Catalina the name of it, and they don't know. I just hope they send the right thing.