Parts! I'm going to need parts!

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I'm fixing up a mod1 14.2 and need some parts. So here's a list of what I'll need and then we'll see what my wife will let my buy ;)

Sails, preferably used, but with either no tears or well done repairs. I'd also like the biggest window possible in the jib.

A Centerboard. I can make some repairs if need be as long as it doesn't have a huge crack in it like mine.

Anything else you might have laying around that you don't want anymore (please limit to 14.2 parts, hahaha).

Also if some one could send me some pictures of how the centerboard tackle works in a newer than mine Capri, that would be cool. I'm thinking of modifying it. I can't seem to find a piece of bungee with the right compression ratio to pull the board all the way down.

In general I can't find any web sites with detailed pictures of Capri 14.2s. I'm looking for details like the centerboard up down mechanism, roller furling, etc. Any suggestions?

parts I'm going to need parts

Hey maskry- do you still have parts for the 14.2 If so I will be needing some- you can email me at Thanks--just got the boat and lost the mast because the bracket at the bottom bent (mast foot?) Anyway, could use some help- thanks