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Parting out Yellow 1979 J/24


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Hull (deck actually) is toast.
Many parts available including Winches, Traveler, Boom, Bow Pulpit, Stern Pulpit, Rudder (Old Style), Hatch Covers (Old Style) Interior sliders, breastplate, Bow chocks, blocks, Lifelines, stanchions, etc.
I might keep the mast to make a Gin Pole, unless I get a better offer. Shrouds and Stays are available. Spreaders.

No sails. No running rigging.
No Trailer.
Keel is already gone.
Been on hard for about 10 years.

Located in Bucks CO. PA (18940).
Ask me about anything I may have left out.
Thanks,View attachment 29102
I need the block that holds the mast steady thru the deck, its in two pieces usually.


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I want the rudder..do you have a pic? Was wondering if you might know the space between pintles? What are you ASKING?

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No rudder or tiller parts, no launch bag.
This thread should pretty much be closed, since I have very little left.
The boom is taken apart, but would make a nice replacement for a broken one.
The mast is gone, and one cabin top winch is now part of my gin pole.
Thanks everyone, sail fast !

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No hatches.
Actually nothing left of any significance.
We should consider this thread "closed".
Thanks to all who have been involved.