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Parting out Yellow 1979 J/24

Tide Eyed

No compass, no hatches.

I do have:
Mast (no spreaders)
Bow Pulpit
Interior shelf sliding doors.
Shrouds / stays, turnbuckles.
Cabin Top Barient 10 winches.

Tide Eyed

I do have the breastplate / stem head (The thing you hook the tack of the jib on) $30 + shipping.

I do not have the spreader thrubar, berth planks, cushions, or stanchion tubes.
I also do not have the bow chocks, as shown with red X.



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Hi there, I just had my port side Lazerette cover stolen from me, so I need one. Do you have one and can you send me a price.

Walter A.


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Saw you still had the cabin top winches available as of June. Do you still have them?

Also, did you complete the sale of the stemhead fitting? If not, I'm interested at that price (assuming it's straight- I'm trying to replace one that is crooked by about 15 degrees).


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Hull (deck actually) is toast.
Many parts available including Winches, Traveler, Boom, Bow Pulpit, Stern Pulpit, Rudder (Old Style), Hatch Covers (Old Style) Interior sliders, breastplate, Bow chocks, blocks, Lifelines, stanchions, etc.
I might keep the mast to make a Gin Pole, unless I get a better offer. Shrouds and Stays are available. Spreaders.

No sails. No running rigging.
No Trailer.
Keel is already gone.
Been on hard for about 10 years.

Located in Bucks CO. PA (18940).
Ask me about anything I may have left out.
Thanks,View attachment 29102
you have rudder ? picture