Parting out my J/24

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I am parting out my J/24 it's easier to say what I do not have, mast,hull,rudder,cushions,sails. I do have life lines and stantion's bow and stern railings hatches mast to deck cover all the interior bright work winches pulleys lexan companion way cover compasses lights. If you are restoring a J/24 this lot will get the job done and you won't have to hunt for odds and ends to do it. Thanks for looking this over. Captain lately.
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Hello, Scott. I have two Enkes 18's and two Enkes 8's I bought them a year before Sandy hit. I have pulled and serviced them. They also come with handles. Asking 450.00 that's half price of new ones.
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Hi Mike, sorry for the delay, I have a Flicka 20 in front of that garage and over the winter a tire gave out. I have a new one to pick up tomorrow
And I can get in. I built a 17ft. Bow roof shed to work on it and attached it to the garage to keep it stable. Never did think about getting into it.
Will post photos and we can work out a price. Thanks, Chris