Parting out another J/24

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This one does not have the "boomerang" shaped bar between the spreaders. Either never had it, or it was removed by the PO.
Thanks !
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I have the bow chocks and cleats.
I have the 4 Bow Chocks.JPG stanchion tubes. The lifelines have some cracking.
I don't think I have any of the stanchion mounting flanges available.
Can you lmk if you find the stanchion bases, I need the forward ones. Also, I'll take some stanchion tubes, pm me the price. Also, lmk if any of the harken cam cleats are decent and how much/many you have. Thx
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Pictures of stanchion tubes.
I have 5 for some reason. Two are "welded", three are "two piece".
One was laying in the bottom of the lazarette. It's the dirty one with no ring around the collar on the bottom. Looks like it will clean up nice.
Is $10 a piece reasonable?

Stanchions 1.JPG Stanchions 2.JPG Stanchions 3.JPG
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I think I have the 4 sheet blocks and cars. They are fairly old and worn. I will post images. No ratchets. springs or cams on them.
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Status update:
All the hatches are gone.
All the lifeline stanchions and bases are gone.
Bow chocks gone.
Main traveler is junk.
No Lopez blocks.

Still have:
Pulpits (both)