parental controls for Mac OS X


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:DAobo Filter Parental Control For Mac

Aobo Filter for Mac is an easy-to-use Internet Filter to block unwanted websites and applications. Aobo Filter for Mac records websites visited even in Private Browsing Mode. Aobo Filter for Mac is the most easy-to-use parental control software for Mac.

Internet filter for Mac blocks websites in Black list
Option to allow only websites in White list
Block unwanted applications, games from running
Record websites visited in Safari/Firefox/Chrome even in Private Browsing mode
Stealth Mode: Undetectable running in the background jus like a keylogger for Mac
Filtering for multiple users on the Mac

:DAobo Mac Keylogger for Mac

The only Keylogger for Mac that Records Passwords

Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger for Mac OS X is a powerful Mac Keylogger on the market with remote monitoring support. It supports stealthy keystroke recording, screenshots capturing and logs delivering by Email or FTP.

The only Keylogger Mac OS X that Records Passwords

Aobo Mac Keylogger – Powerful keylogger for Mac with remote Email and FTP suppo

Amac keylogger for Mac