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He all,

For the past view months I've been hard at work to solve a problem my father in law had.
He was going on a sailing trip with his son that would require them to sail in shifts. Day and night.
The alternating shifts meant there is always a risk to fall overboard without the other knowing.
So he asked me to make something simple and affordable that would work with his phone
since he already used that for navigation.

A view months later, PanPan was born and I'm very curious to learn what you think of it!
You can checkout the website bellow or/and ask me any questions on this forum.

PanPan - The Smart Crew Watcher.

Here's a quick summary:
PanPan is a smart crew watcher that constantly checks if all crew members are still on board. If someone were to go overboard, it will automatically sound the alarm. Not only that, it will provide everything needed for a swift recovery and rescue; Coordinates of the point of loss, time of the event as well as a constantly updating rescue heading. Pricing isn't final yet but we aim to sell for €80 or 90USD

Sounds interesting.
Can you give some technical details, such as the type of connection between the cell and the beacon (WiFi ?). I suppose there is no need for cellular 4G/3G connectivity, and regarding the GPS, is there a list of tested device (for GPS without cellular)
Thanks :)


Inventor and designer of PanPan.
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He Wavestimulus,

The PanPan beacon connects trough the phone over a specialised long range bluetooth antenna.
It's an in depended system that does not require cellular connectivity.
Any iPhone 4s or higher or any recent Android (galaxy s3 or higher) will work.