painting the hull?

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I was fortunate to pick up a remarkably well preserved L2. I'd like to paint the bottom, not because it's chewed up, but because I'd like it to better match the top. Planning to use Rustoleum Marine Finish - Oyster White.

Question: Is it safe to unscrew and remove the black rudder holders, or will I lose the inside nuts forevermore?

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If with "holders" you mean the rudder gudgeons on the transom, they're not bolted but just screwed in place. There's a big piece of wood laminated to the inside of the transom for that.

But you say yours are black? Are they similar to Laser gudgeons? All Laser 2s that I've seen have had these stainless ones: Laser 2 Regatta Top Gudgeon 2155 | Dinghy Sailing at and Laser 2 Regatta Lower Gudgeon 2156 | Dinghy Sailing at

How old is your boat? That is, what sail number/hull code?

On the rudder there are two down facing "pins" that fit or seat in what I'm calling holders attached to the stern. I believe you're correct that gudgeon is the correct term. Mine are black.
I think my boat is a late 70's model. This appears to be stamped on the back of the boat: ZFS 02469M8 IJ or 1J -- last two letters are faint, very hard to read.

Thanks much for the great advice.


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ZFS 02469M8 IJ or 1J
Sail number 2469, built in 1981 by Performance Sailcraft in Montreal. The M or J in the code tells the building month, but I'm not totally sure how. I'm betting on May in this case.

Thanks for the picture, I didn't know that early Laser 2s had the same rudder fittings as the Laser.