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I received this message earlier today. I am currently on a kick to promote US Sailing hot shots. You can look forward to more of these messages in the future.


Hi, Bradley. This is the Paige Railey Team Newsletter.

Hello Hello!

Long time and no speak! Well, let me give you a quick
update as to what I have been up to since the Worlds. Well,
I have been a BUM for about a month, until I was hit with
the flu. I was having a great time enjoying the holidays,
windsurfing, shopping, working and then right when I was
about to start training I got the flu. I experienced the
worst fever that I have ever had, but the only problem now
is that I have a cold, so my body is wiped out and I have a
regatta coming up! I am doing the best I can to prepare
myself. I have been out sailing the last couple of days and
I still have some problems with my energy and breathing,
but I believe things will work out. I mean every regatta
you can't feel perfect, so these are the ones where
you have to push yourself in a different way. In a way, you
have to dig down deep and find a way to fight through your
sickness. I feel refreshed after my break and I have a new
motivation and determination to get things going. I know
that since I have been so sick and I have lost so much of
my muscle and strength that it will be a tough road ahead
for a bit, but I am SO ready to take it on!

Currently, I am working with a man named Kai from Poland.
He is training me here in January and February. We are
seeing how we work together. So far I think he is
excellent. He arrived the day that I got sick so he has
been waiting patiently for me to get better, but when we
started working on the water together it was instant

This coming Monday I will sail in my first regatta of the
year called Rolex Miami OCR's. You can view how the regatta
goes at:

I will write later on!


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How interesting, my name is also Kai. Not a name that is seen much in the US. She's probably better off training with him though, since I can barely sail a Laser.
Today (Thursday) Paige got two firsts but also got another OCS that she had to eat, so she dropped down to third place. Anna Tunnicliffe is now in the lead with 40 points, Jen Spalding from Canada is second with 50, and Paige drops to third with 65.

Meanwhile, at the back of the fleet, the wind blew so I could get my fat white bottom out of the gutter finally! Shifty northerly gusting to 15-18 kts.
Congradulations on that 19th Michelle!... I've been rooting for you and understand your frustrations completely with the light air. Just being there takes guts!


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Hi, Bradley. This is the Paige Railey Team Newsletter.


I bet most of you are wondering "What were you thinking
Paige!?" and "Why were you pushing the line if you are so
far ahead?" (I got two OCS at the regatta) An OCS is a
premature start. But truthfully, I am not upset about it at
all. I feel that this regatta went great, granted I made
two errors. I have to say that I think I sailed much better
here then I did in Brazil. I was much more relaxed, keyed
into the wind, and I had a true enjoyment of the sailing. I
am a bit rusty from the break and it showed with my two
large errors. No worries though. I will just work on my
weaknesses in the upcoming training. The breeze was light
some days and windy others, so it gave a great variety for
us to sail in. The key to the regatta was playing the
shifts and hitting the first shift off of the line. I can
remember one race when the wind was coming off the land,
which made it very very shifty. I was a bit nervous
before the start since I knew that anything could happen.
I could either be first or last, depending on how I sailed.
So, Bang! The gun went off and I immediatly tacked off from
the boat end. Next thing I knew I'm all alone. The wind
shifts back to me and I tack. I see the fleet is coming my
way and I go for the attack. Everytime the wind shifted I
made sure I was the first to tack and be heading off in the
right way. I rounded first, took a couple of deep breaths
and took off on the downwind. Now that I am not sick
anymore, it is time for training. I am currently working in
the gym again and sailing. I must say though, OUCH! It sure
is a killer going back into training after being very sick,
but it sure is fun! For the next couple of days it will be
the usual routine, gym and sailing. On Thursday I will
begin a regatta called the Radial North Americans. This
is also another regatta for our National Team Ranking, so I
guess you can say I have to do well. Hopefully by then my
starts will be a bit better.
The website for the regatta is:

Well, I hope all is going well, and I will talk to you soon!


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I would appreciate you sending an invitation to your family
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Yeah, she has excellent PR (public relation) skills. Very important for her to get wider coverage in the US and promote sailing as athletic and highly skilled.


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Re: Paige Railey Update 2/23

Another update for Paige Railey. After reading this article I get the feeling she took positive writing 1101 at college.

Hi, Bradley. This is the Paige Railey Team Newsletter.


Today was the first day of the regatta called Midwinters
East. There are 94 radials competing in the regatta. This
is the first time that the radials outnumbered the full-
rigs. The day started off with a thick layer of fog that
decided not to burn off. SO, we waited around all day and
then tried to attempt a race. Halfway through the sequence
the fog rolled in even thicker than it was before and made
it impossible to sail in. There are three days of racing
left with an aspect of high winds, but we will see. You can
view the regatta at:

I can feel a difference in this regatta compared to the
other two. I feel more focused and determined to get my
sailing off on a good start for the new season. Truthfully,
I just want to kill it! I have to keep striving and working
towards my future goals, this process is a tough one, but I
will take it on.

After sailing Radial North Americans, which was about two
weeks ago, I returned home to Clearwater with Jen and
Laura. We continued our training here which was biking,
sailing and gym work. It has been tough, but some great
fun. I have been working very hard to build my body up into
great shape since I was broken down after the worlds and
the flu. So far, I feel like it has been a fast upward
climb. On the water, Kaj and I have been working great! We
have been changing things up which has led to many spills,
flips, and falls in the water.

Well, time to eat some dinner! I will write after the
regatta and give an update on how it went.



Re: Paige Railey Update (Latest Update 2/23)

They sailed 3 races today at Mid-Winters East. With Radials, Lisa Ross of Canada has 1st place with a total of 13 points (2, 8, 3). Paige Railey of the U.S. has 2nd place with 14 points (1, 12, 1). That second race must have really been something. Laura Baldwin of Great Britain is 3rd.

Chris Raab, who won this past weekend's Masters event sailing the Laser Standard, is 10th in Radials.

Andrew Campbell (USA), Brad Funk (USA), and Brendan Casey (AUS) have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, respectively in the Laser Standard. Aside: The day I got Paige Railey's autograph just previous to Masters MWE, Brendan Casey was helping her with her boat, and she introduced him to me. I figured he was good, but really had no idea!

Our fearless leader, Tracy Usher, is 37th in a field of 83.


Re: Paige Railey Update (Latest Update 2/23)

There was more wind today, Saturday, and they got in 4 races. Laser results--1. Andrew Campbell (USA), 2, Brad Funk (USA), and 3. Michael Kalin (CAN). Brendan Casey (AUS) moved to 5th. Tracy Usher is 35th and Michelle of TLF is 71st out of 83.

Radial results--1. Anna Tunnicliff (USA), 2. Paige Railey(USA), and 3. Tania Elias Calles (MEX). Chris Raab, who won the Master event, came in 7th. Laura Baldwin (GBR) moved to 4th. In a field of 94.

Tomorrow is the last day of racing. Hope you have plenty of wind, MWE sailors!
Re: Paige Railey Update (Latest Update 2/23)

Merrily said:
Hope you have plenty of wind, MWE sailors!
I think they are going to have too much wind. A front moved by then last night and is moving through the rest of Florida today. Where I live on the east coast of Florida they are predicting very windy conditions today. From what I can tell it won't be as windy in Clearwater Beach, but it still will be windy and cold.....


Radial girls rule! Paige Railey came back to win it with a 2, 1, 2 punch in today's races. Anna Tunnicliff took 2nd, 3. Tania Elias Calles, 4 Laura Baldwin, 5. Lisa Ross.

Chris Raab was 8th and Peter Seidenberg, AKA Dollymeister was 26th. Let's all hope we are that fit when we are Great Grand Masters!

The Laser results are for some reason not available right now. When they come up, I'll try to post them.


Laser results: 1. Brendan Casey, 2. Matias Del Solar, 3. Andrew Campbell, 4. Maciej Grabowski, 5. Bernard Luttmer.

Tracy Usher was 31st and Michelle Davis of TLF was 68th out of 83. Half of the field was DNC in the last race. What was up with that?
Merrily said:
Half of the field was DNC in the last race. What was up with that?
The Wind was really blowing. Both the Radials and Lasers had a large number of DNC's. It is hard to get out the channel to the gulf in certain conditions at Clearwater.... I know from experience and the only time I tried.... I haven't been back. I wasn't there, but I did look at the buoy wind information. Here on the east coast of Florida it was blowing around 30 mph.

From the Clearwater Beach buoy -

(EST) kts kts
02 26 11:00 am N 22.0 25.1
02 26 12:00 pm NE 13.0 17.1
02 26 1:00 pm N 24.1 27.0
02 26 2:00 pm N 20.0 22.9
02 26 3:00 pm N 21.0 24.1
02 26 4:00 pm N 22.0 24.1
02 26 5:00 pm N 20.0 24.1
It was pretty rough out there. I saw a lot of excellent sailors retire after the first race, many with bent top sections. The water was shallow enough that when (not if, but when) you were turtled the masts were slamming on the bottom in the troughs of the waves. I'm guessing a solid 25 knots of breeze and 5 foot waves: a swell with heavy chop on top. I was doing alright in the first race up until the last run; I had maybe 6 boats behind me and had only capsized twice. Thought 'this isn't so bad'; then turned downwind for the final run and WHAM! Right my boat, go careening off again and WHAM! Right my boat, facing wrong way, chicken jibe, take off again and WHAM! I was going to finish this race if it killed me, and I did, although by now I was DFL out of the full rigs still sailing. I was tired and still had to sail upwind 2 miles to shore and go through the inlet so I did not start the second race. A Radial would've been really nice. Was envious of Peter Seidenberg as he roared by me in reasonable control. Later he told me his tales of his spectacular wipeouts. My friend Luke (top junior!!) wiped out 8 times in the first race but was able to get up and keep going. It was a good day to be 15 not 37.

I continue to be amazed at how indestructable Lasers are, except for top sections.