Paging through threads seems to be broken

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I don't know where to post this, but paging through the thread topics seems to be broken. I've noticed it for several days now. It never goes beyond page 1 even though the URL changes. I'm using IE 6.0......


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Thanks for the heads up. The issue is relating to a new URL style I have been trying here at TLF. I have switched it back until I can find out why the pages are not changing.

I have the same problems like Cindy. Sometimes, all works correct, sometimes not. I thought, perhaps something is defect at my PC. Also, it seems, TLF got "slower" in loading. I use analog-modem (56k), so it is possible for me, to see this "slowing down" better. I thought, perhaps the reason is, that the Atlantic Ocean got a bit larger during the last days. ;o)
But at least, it has been possible for me, to post at TLF :)
I use IE 6, too.
Never Mind&