Pacific Coast Championship Blog August 10-12

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Those who travelled to Treasure Island in the San Francisco Bay from as far away as Canada, Oregon, and the Virgin Islands for some heavy air and seas sailing, well lets just say that Mother Nature did not dissappoint. 82 boats ( about half full rigs and half radials and a few brave 4.7s) left the fairly tranquil Clipper Cove, the home port of our host the Treasure Island Sailing Center, to travel west of Treasure Island and east of Angel Island into the abyss. It was blowing 22 knots (I checked) paired with what a person from Michigan would call giant waves (I did not check). The breeze picked up to 26 by the last race, and actually was 33 knots when we left the sailing area. Many racing (and a few, like me, not) could handle the breeze especially on the SCREAMING reaches and the MAUI-like downwind legs. (I never knew you could fill a laser cockpit completely full of water.) After Day 1, in the full rigs, Derick Vranizan of the Seatle Yacht Club was in first, the legendary Tracy Usher (who defies the age argument) in second (St. Francis YC) and David Fagen, of the US Naval Sailing Assoc was in third. For the radials, Adam Deermount of Newport Harbor YC was in first, Max Nickbarg of the St. Thomas YC (VI!) was in second, and Alex Vaught of the Alamitos Bay YC is in third. Natalia Montemayor, of the Royal Vancouver YC led the 4.7s Please remember this is only after one day of three big days of sailing (it is supposed to gust to 30 tomorrow). All I can say after Friday, that the Sierra Nevada tasted awfully good and helped to nurse a wounded soul. Thank you TISC Fleet Captains Steve Orosz, Ralph Pombo, Class President Tracy Usher with amazing t shirt design by Christina Beard. We all look forward to the party tomorrow night if we live that long! RESULTS LINK BELOW


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Thanks for the great write up and for the photos. We are looking forward to more.
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Pacific Coast Championships Blog Aug 11

The second day of racing for the PCCs was (fortunately / unfortunately)
more of the same (heavy air and seas) only cranked up a couple more notches. Winds between Angel Island and Treasure Island were 24 knots with gusts to 30 at the start of the first race and by the end of the first race the wind was clocked at a steady 27 knots. One of the 30 blasts came right at the start. Lots of capsized and turtled boats (including mine) especially around the windward mark where it was very difficult to the find your magic six foot wave, let alone your boat. I noticed a number of lasers headed to a reaching mark which puzzled me, until I realized they were heading to the home waters of Clipper Cove. Reports of lost rudders, booms were heard (I am still recovering from the heartbreaking loss of my water bottle). What was to be the start of the second race, we heard the two guns and then the red and white flag with the blue/white flag and racing was over for the day. In the full rigs, Derick Vranizan (Seattle YC) took first. Peter Vessella (St. Francis YC) took second, and Brian Malouf from Sequoia YC (Redwood City) took third. Overall standings remain the same Vranizan, Usher, Fagen. In the radials, Adam Deermount (Newport Harbor YC) took his third first, the brains behind Shoreline Laser Fleet and GRAND MASTER Roger Herbst took second, and Simon Schmitt from Calgary YC took third. Overall standings slightly changed – Deermount, Nickbarg, and now Schmitt. Domenic Bove from San Francisco YC placed first in the 4.7s Correction from yesterday: Domenic was in first at the end of yesterday, with Natalia Montemayor in second. Sorry Domenic. Back at the Treasure Island Sailing Center, we enjoyed Ralph Pombo’s meaty ribs (which will probably last till next weekend and tasted much better than my aching ones) and, of course, more Sierra Nevada. A rumor (not confirmed) has been circulating that racing will be moved to the slightly more tranquil Emeryville Flats ( a median in conditions between Angel Island and Clipper Cove) for the final day of racing. Probably not a bad idea for us mortals. A link to results is below:
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Correction: Roger Herbst was misclassified. He is still a master sailor by a little bit. Also the rumor that I heard was that someone is scouring the east shore of the Bay picking up Laser pieces. Anyone want to buy some slightly used equipment???? Hehehehe.....
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Pacific Coast Championships Blog Aug 12

And On The Third Day, the seas of San Francisco Bay calmed considerably for the 2007 Pacific Coast Championships. In the morning, the rumor was confirmed; PRO John Super announced that the races would be moved to the Emeryville Flats (from the Treasure Island / Angel Island abyss) which is known for good wind (but less wind) and smaller seas. Winds of 27 to 30 knots and big waves in the abyss allowed for only one race on Saturday. Many of us were happy, but a contingent of young, blonde Southern California laserites were overheard saying “oh dude that’s SO lame.” I heard the reply “then sail a full rig kid,” which made me chuckle. Winds at the Flats started out light but by the fourth race were in the 8 to 12 range. We had four races of John’s favorite trapezoid courses which allowed for some very close finishes, especially in the radials where the RC had to review the tape to confirm the results.

Overall, in the full rigs, Derick Vranizan (Seattle YC) confirmed his way to first place with two firsts, Master Peter Vessella (St. Francis YC) edged out David Fagen and Tracy Usher to take second, with Fagen (US Naval Sailing Association, Norfolk VA) third. In the radials, Adam Deermount (Newport Harbor YC) smoked his way to first place with two firsts and JUST 10 PTS overall. Junior Max Nickbarg from St. Thomas YC (one of those radialers who is used to high winds back home on the islands) was second, and Colin Leon, who travelled all the way from the Seawanhaka Corinthian YC on Long Island Sound, edged out Rodger Herbst to take third place. In the 4.7s, Domenic Bove (San Francisco YC) prevailed over Natalia Montemayor (Royal Vancouver YC) and Mariana Sosa Cordero (San Francisco YC),second and third respectfully.

In the various categories, the winners included: Full Rig - Top Apprentice Master: David Fagen ; Top Master: Peter Vessella; Top Grand Master: Bill Symes (Willamette Sailing Club); Top Junior Matt Wenner (California Yacht Club); Top Female(Open): Katie Maxim ( San Francisco YC) ; Top Male (Open) Derick Vranizan. Radial Rig- Top Apprentice Master Ariel Porter; Top Master: Roger Herbst (not a Grand Master yet as earlier reported) Top Great Grand Master: Jim Christopher (Humboldt YC); Top Junior (Male) Max Nickbarg; Top Junior (Female) Jessica Bernhard (Encinal Yacht Club); Top Female (Open) Erika Vranizan (Seattle YC); Top Male (Open) Adam Deermount.

Back at Clipper Cove at the Treasure Island Sailing Center it was more of the same – Ralph Pombo’s savory ribs and Sierra Nevada on tap. Many of us won great laser merchandise from our sponsors. I chatted with Derick Vranizan, whose sister Erika Vranizan sailed a radial in the PCCs. Only 20 and integral part of the collegiate powerhouse sailing team at St. Mary’s College in Maryland, Derick loves sailing in all kinds of conditions. The average wind speed for his home base on Puget Sound, however, according to Derick, is 4 knots. His sights are now on the Olympic Trials (at Cedar Point YC in Connecticut?)

I also had a chance to speak with Great Grand Master Jim Christopher from Eureka, CA (Humboldt YC), who, now in his early 70s, placed 8th in the radials. There aren’t that many lasers racing up on Humboldt Bay according to Jim and he credits some of his success with racing against a Thistle. His presence and success at the PCCs is certainly an inspiration to everyone, especially the masters, and we all hope that in the next 25 years we can sail as well as Jim.

All in all, it was one of “the most exciting PCCs ever,” said Laser Class President Tracy Usher. “A great turnout” of 81 boats, and conditions and an experience “that the juniors (and others too) will remember for the rest of their lives.” According to Tracy, the conditions on Saturday were about as “heavy as he has ever seen it for a laser event” on San Francisco Bay.

Congratulations and thank you to Treasure Island Sailing Center, and the PCC and SF Laser Fleet co-chairs Steve Orosz and Ralph Pombo, and all the volunteers from TISC (including the Laser and Vanguard 15 fleets) who worked on race committee, hospitality, and the seamless and smooth operation (engineered by Ralph) of launching and retrieving 81 lasers and their dollies.

Sponsors for the event included: Treasure Island Sailing Center, Gill, the Laser Training Center (Cabarete)in the Dominican Republic, Harken, New England Ropes, Latitude 38, the Bayview Boat Club in San Francisco, Ronstan, Annapolis Performance Sailing, Lyons Imaging Marine Photography, West Marine, and a special thank you to our hospitality sponsors and laser dealers – Friday : Vanguard Sailing Center Southern California (Costa Mesa), Saturday: Svendsen’s Marine ( Alameda), and Sunday: West Coast Sailing (Portland, OR). Results link below. Photos link below.


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Here are photos from the awards presentation by TISC Radial sailor Jim Margeson -- enjoy