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Since general etiquette is to introduce yourself when signing onto a forum for the first time, I guess I should do so.

I'm Hoomi, a nick I've been using on the internet for something like the last 13 years or so, derived from a play-on-words character name I used in a game many years ago - a phonetic version of, "Who, me?" No other significance than that, even though I learned later that there is some ascended master in certain spiritual philosophies by that same name. I am not an ascended master, and I don't even try to play one on the internet.

I'm 53 years old, and have been happily married to my best friend for over 33 years now. We have two terrific grown children, along with a fantastic son-in-law and a wonderful young woman that is pretty darned close to being a daughter-in-law, though they haven't made anything official yet.

I've been fascinated with sailboats for many years, and finally got my first one a few weeks ago - a 1981 Sunfish, which I've been putting a few repairs into before that upcoming first venture into one of our local lakes. I also picked up a 1959 Snipe a bit over a week ago that is going to be a lot more restoration work (this was a "get it out of my garage and you can have it for free" deal). I figure the Sunfish is a good start on learning both the "fixing up" and the sailing part, and the Snipe will be a good size for both my wife and I to take out and enjoy together. Technically, we could both probably go out in the Sunfish, but I suspect we'd feel rather cramped and in each other's way it its small cockpit.

Anyway, I've been gathering information from books and internet sources, some of which has already been applied (like ordering the swivel camblock from APS to replace the boony-rigged camblock that came with the Sunfish), so I'll likely be haunting the Sunfish section quite a bit.