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Might anyone have an owner's manual from 1988 they can email me? I just bought #4443 and it's without the original documentation. Thanks for the help!
Charlie, I'd argue that whatever they knew about J24s in 1988, the knowledge base has improved substantially since then.

If you get back to me with any specific questions you might have, we can start there. Otherwise I'm not confident a manual exists that would keep you on track with modern J24 standards. Also recommend checking race results on regional and national level events in your area, to identify "local experts." There aren't a lot of questions you'll have that don't already have answers!

Welcome to the class!

Bob Kinsman.
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Good Morning Bob. Thank you for the note - I totally agree. It's more for curiosity than anything. Would still like to have a copy. BTW - I've done some sailing out of Sail Newport back in the day. I owned a little house at 50 Houston in Newport and sailed a Pearson 30 Elusive out of Brenton Cove / Newport Harbor. That was back in the mid-90's. Good times!