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laser racing to the max
I will Be doing my first race this weekend in my new boat. I was wondering what is max off for the outhaul is?
Use the hand method:
Measure your out tretched hand from wrist to end of fingers. That's max off in light air.
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Here's some links from Doug Peckover's Improper Course blog where he talks about sail settings. On this first one, he mentions how to do a rough measure for max off outhaul:


If you scroll down on the above page, he says...

"For the outhaul, I use a trick from Steve Bourdow (USA, 2nd at the Newport Worlds) - put your thumb on the boom near the cleat and then your pinkie should just touch the foot of the sail. You can have it a little tighter for flat water and a little looser for lumpy conditions, but Steve's trick works well most of the time. I also like it because smaller people tend to have smaller hands, so they would tend to have a tighter foot than a larger person who needs more power in their sail."

And here's a link to one of this racing settings cheat sheets.

http://www.impropercourse.com/search/label/Doug Tips

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measure the draft just in front of the boom cleat, or about 45-50% where the draft should be

you want your full sail to be about a hand's length deep upwind, and you can ease downwind/reach, when you've got alot of downhaul on upwind, it's easier to just ease the downhaul and that will open up the sail plenty, especially when you need to really focus on balancing the boat, in the breeze it's more important to be stable than have your controls perfect

I put together a full list of control settings for different conditions here http://laserxd.com/laser-sailing-tips.php