Outhaul Set up


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Another dumb question....

My new-to-me Laser has an upgraded outhaul - most of the purchase is "behind" the jam cleat on the boom. A single line runs forward to a turning block near the gooseneck, then down to the turning block mounted on the deck and to the cam cleat in front of the dagger board. It works great for tightening the outhaul, but the line runs through the jam cleat on the boom. It catches when easing the outhaul and I have to "feed" the line through the jam cleat.

It seems like that set up takes away half of the reason for running the line to the cam cleat on the deck.

My questions are:
1. Can I put a strap at the jam cleat on the boom and run the line through it instead of the jam cleat (I'd leave the jam cleat because it has a pully luggage-tagged to it)? It seems like that would let the line run freely in and out. The strap would just keep the outhaul line close to the boom and not catch on pfd, hat, etc.
2. Is #1 class legal?
3. Does #1 move the compression/pressure from the jam cleat to the mast/gooseneck/deck - if so, is that a problem?
4. Any ideas to make it work better if #1 won't? Any pictures?
:eek: Just take the line out of the Clamcleat! It's not supposed to run through there with a deck-led system.
Everything else is irrelevant, including load issues.
You can have extra rope or elastic loops around/attached to the outhaul lines/blocks, but they're pretty useless. The line doesn't really want to droop down the way one would imagine, especially if you have a working inhaul.