Outhaul/downhaul upgrade

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Does anyone know where I can find info on how to install Holt Laser Turbo Power pack as they sell them without instructions.


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Have you already bought the pack? There are smarter and less expensive ways of updating control systems on an old Laser, if it's just for recreational sailing. If you're planning to race, then go ahead.

The only place that I can find the original Littlejohn setup (which I vaguely remember was in the original Holt Allen instructions in 2001) is on an Argentinian site: RULE CHANGES General Background
The pictures are a bit fuzzy but you get the idea. One thing that was discarded almost right away was the control line loops around the boom. The 8:1 cunningham (the way it's rigged there) never got popular either, as its range of adjustment is on the short side.