Outboard - what do I need?

You should try Cowan Lake. It's a fairly small lake. But, they have a 10hp limit on motorboats. So you don't have to worry about getting run down by a Checkmate going 60mph.

I'm going to get out on Ceasars Creek once I get up the nerve. For now, I'm sticking to Cowan.

Brookeville, as I remember it is a VERY narrow piece of water. I had a motorboat on that lake YEARS ago.
I have a Mercury 2.5 hp and it seemed to work pretty well. Very little throttle was needed to get me out of a small cove and onto the river. Its a short shaft, and that seems to just fine. But having an idle position definitely would have been a plus.
i was out on the lake for some early morning sailing this am...wind died....completely....sittng far aft on the starboard side...its quite easy to paddle...i put my right leg on the seat, and left leg bent to allow the tiller to bump against it and provide some steerage.......a nice relaxing paddle for about 1/2 mile...use to think i needed a motor....nah - relax and enjoy...you'd be surprised how quickly you can move a 300+lb boat with no wind...
I went with a 55# thrust trolling motor. So far so good. Wind was not high, but I had the jib up and the main was threaded into the mast. Thank you all for your advice.
Nissan 3.5

Hiya Art !

Say ... I'm thinking about purchasing the same Nissan 3.5 hp two-stroke that you have. Did you get the 20" (long) shaft? Do you mount yours on the transom, or on a jack plate/kicker bracket?

And can you tilt the motor out of the way once you are under sail ?


- Greg Gibbons :)-)