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I'm considering an outboard for my Capri. I have been towed out a couple of times for races, but it would be nice not to have to depend on the favors of others on raceday.

When I'm not racing, I launch at a boatramp then sail from shore and hope the wind doesn't quit.

I have priced some outboards and found anything from $400 - $900 and up. I saw the micro outboards, that are air cooled weed-eaters with a prop - no reverse, but you can spin it around 360 degrees:
Island Hopper Small Outboards

I talked to a salesman about a Suzuki 2.5:
Suzuki Marine

I want something that is lightweight for racing, but will also last more than one season. I would prefer something with the gas tank on top of the motor, so I won't have to use an external tank.

I have a 1980-something Honda 4 stroke 5 HP on the 22, I think it's too heavy to try and put onto the Capri. Plus, there is the whole PITA factor of the heavier motor to be hauling around.

Any suggestions or experiences? I thought about a trolling motor, but would have to run the wires and mount a battery? I have the Mod2 with the boxed front storage area.

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Late last summer I got a Honda 2HP. It only weighs in at about 27lbs. It runs like a top. Mine got a bit scuffed up when my 14.2 was damaged in a freak wind storm last fall. Replaced the prop an all the vibrations went away.
I'd have to give a strong second to the Honda 2, Robert. It's the right motor for the job.

The 14.2 zips along very nicely with it even though it's small and light. Feels good to have Honda reliability, too. The whole purpose of having a motor is for it to work when it's needed.

Here's what mine looks like installed:

(note the safety cable in case I turn over and the screw clamps don't hold)

outboard selections

hey guys -

would a 15" shaft be sufficient to do the job on a 14.2?

i've found one i think i'll try if the length is good...

what do you think?

Get the long

On a 15" I find the motor lifts out of the water when you go to the bow area.

If you look at the Honda in the previous picture you will see a long shaft outboard.

Do not forget to put a fuel stabilizer in the gas tank if you do not use a full tank every time you use it. Otherwise the water in ethanol will separate and screw up your motor with gunk and varnish. A common occurrence to folks that live in areas prone to temps below 65 degrees in winter.

hey guys -

would a 15" shaft be sufficient to do the job on a 14.2?

i've found one i think i'll try if the length is good...

what do you think?

Those darn long shafts are hard to find!

I've been on the prowl for a week or two now, and haven't seen much that I'd call affordable. Been watching eBay and the like, and have seen a few that look to be solid engines, but they get expensive in a real hurry.

Who else makes one besides Honda? I've seen a few by Evinrude, but are there others that I should be looking for? I've been told the Sears Gamefisher is an older engine that would do nicely on the Capri.

I'll keep my eyes peeled.
Why don't you try electric. If you need something light for racing you could use small inexpensive 30lbs thrust trolling motor. I want to have a little bit more power but I will go electric as well. My goal is to convert old 2 stroke to electric.
2 thumbs up on electric...

Weighs in at a whopping 12lbs... and if you are racing a small tractor battery in the cuddy would be most helpful ballast!!!
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gas vs electric

Schnool, You caught me heading in the electric direction. I priced a couple of outboards, and it seems they start around $800 and go up quickly.

I was offered the use of an old electric trolling motor to test drive, I should get it this weekend. I bought myself a $24 12 volt tractor battery at Lowe's. I'm sure it will be enough to get me out of the marina prior to a race and back in afterward. 30 minutes of run time is the most I would probably need. I was thinking of taking it off and shoving it in the box while racing. I'll pass along how it works out.

I just need to get a battery box and mount it somewhere. I have seen where one was mounted inside the front cubby, maybe it was a prior post from Schnool. I'm going to try and NOT do any fiberglass work right now. Maybe I can bolt it to the barney post until I get something long time figured out, should be easy enough for fresh water sailing.

I would still like to find a small cheap outboard for the times I want to do some distance cruising.

I am heading Florida for April Spring Break, and of course taking the Capri. I'm going with the Sea Scouts, and 2 others are taking their larger sailboats - a Catalina 22 and another 20'something foot boat. We should have a lot of fun doing some coastal sailing in 3 boats and teaching the youngen's how to sail. My boat might end up being the tender for the larger boats?

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battery box and fiberglass

After having to paddle more than 1 mile to get back to the boatramp and getting a tow for a couple of races.... I bought a fresh water trolling motor and a lawn tractor battery.

I have been unable to find a battery box for the smaller battery. I've seen plenty of large and extra large boxes. I've been to Lowes, Home Depot, 3 car part stores, Ace Hardware, and a tractor supply store... can't find a box.

Question 1) Will a plastic storage box with lid work?

I am planning on making a wooden frame and fiberglassing it into the cuddy. Then strapping down the box in the cuddy to keep it from moving around.

Question 2) Can I use automotive Bondo fiberglass and fabric -- to fiberglass around the wooden frame, will the Bondo adhere in the bottom of the hull?

I have a Mod 2, and am planning on running the wires under the seats and to the transom for the electric trolling motor.

1989 Capri Mod2
1984 Catalina 22
Outboard option

Robert watch the craiglist within driving distances in your area for an outboard.

I recently picked up a 2 HP Yamaha 2 cycle at 19 pounds that had very little use ( like new and about 4 years old) for $300. I wil use an adjustable motor mount ( cost about $110) so I may lower the motor and raise it, making greater use of the 15 inch shaft with the range provided by the adjusable motor mount

Decided that an electric motor and a really good battery would cost the same and now I do not have to hassle with charging the battery!
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Thanks for the Craigslist suggestion. I'll keep an eye out. I do like the idea of the additional cruising distance with a gas outboard.

For race days, I got tired of asking for a two... then last week having to paddle over 1 mile.... I purchased a small electric trolling motor for $130, and a lawn tractor battery for $24. Other parts, bondo fiberglass ran about another $25 or so. Still cheaper than gas, but far less range.