Out Sailing, Then A Dark Shadow Passed Across the Deck!


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Another Horse Fly ! :mad: 'Been bitten before, and there's no OFF! on board. :(

They land on the lee side of the sail, where I can't see them. I've taken to shaking the sail, or hitting the boom with a long foam cushion. They fly off, only to buzz around again. :confused: Horse Fly bites (and landings) can't be felt.

'Same with Stable Flies—they look like an ordinary House Fly, but are slower fliers and have a sharp, pointed, piercing "beak". They strike behind the shoulder and elbow, where, again, they can't be seen. The itch follows, but takes a minute to happen. With one swat to stun them—and a second swat to flatten them on the deck, that long foam cushion "works". (Gardeners' knee-cushion).

Today, for the third time in my long sailing history, a large Dragonfly landed on my deck, and shortly afterwards captured the Horse Fly out of my sight. This time was a little different; formerly the Dragonfly would choose to feed while on the sail, and I'd be aware that something had rolled off the sail into the cockpit. It was the Horse Fly's head! :eek:

This time, the Dragonfly landed on my left shoulder, and I had a gruesome close-up of the meal being taken. :( Even with the head detached, the Horse Fly appeared to struggle as piece-by-piece disappeared into the Dragon Fly's innards. :confused: ('Hope nobody's reading this during dinner!) :oops:

Anyway, I plan to find some life-size Dragonfly appliques, and secure them to the deck and sail.

Maybe this post will be helpful, or maybe I'm just unlucky with New England bugs. :oops:

Mixmkr? Stache?