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I am a new member. I have never sailed before and I have some questions, too.
We are moving to the Pocono region of PA. There are many lakes and I hope to live near enough to be able to sail. Some of them are really small. What is a minimum number of acres I should look for in a lake? Are there other factors that I should consider?
I have looked at some homes in a community with a 62 acre lake and others with a 70 acre lake. Is that sufficient, or is more area necessary?
Is there a place nearby where I could take lessons? I don't want to buy a sunfish before I have had some experience. I am really excited about learning to sail. It is helping me keep my sanity while I try to sell my home!
I live close to three lakes, the smallest is 47 acres, the next 146 acres and the largest 15,325 acres. The small lake (47 acres) would suffice but in good winds you will find yourself tacking and/or gybing alot. Ideally the lake you choose will have a decent launch area, and prevailing winds that enable you to sail off/on shore without to much hassle. On the upside a small lake will encourage you to perfect your boat handling skills. Enjoy!
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Thanks for your response. How do I find out about prevailing winds? If the home does not have a dock, we will have one installed. That should help with the launching, right?
A dock will certainly make life easy, no dragging your boat over the beach. Regarding prevailing winds, ask some one who lives near the lake, just ask them which direction the wind blows from the majority of the time. Many lakes have winds that are thermally generated and tend to blow from the same direction day after day. The exception to this would be wind that is generated by a weather front.


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As far as lake size goes in the Poconos, the bigger the better. The small lakes are gusty and require constant monitoring of the surface to avoid getting rolled or trap doored while hiking out.

Lessons are available on Lake Wallenpaupack, 13 miles long, for 75 an hour, three hour minimum. I would just get a life vest, jump on and have a ball, just don't do it on a day with white caps. Keep in mind you're in Pennsyltucky and brought more common sense with you than most locals can develop in a lifetime.:eek: