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Other Classes?


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What other classes of boats do you sail/have you sailed?

When did you learn to sail and how did you get into it?

I currently sail a Laser 2 and a 125. In the past I have sailed in: Corsairs, vagabonds, hobie 16, toppers, laser picos

I learnt to sail when I was about nine in a Topper and a Laser Pico. I didn't sail consistantly though because we moved away from the water so I've only started sailing regularly in the last few years. My parents and cousins were into sailing so that's how I became interested.


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Laser and V-15s for dinghy racing.

Mumm 30 bow, Martin 241 (fun boat - usually bow, sometimes naviguesser) and fill in on J24.

makes you appreciate the Laser that much more!


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I also sail (and learned to sail on) a Sunfish. I have an old 77 Sunfish in the backyard right now, but I don't think it will ever sail again. SYC has a great free rental (more like check out) program for members so owning and maintaining a sailboat isn't really necesary. I also enjoy going out on my Hobie 16, not so much to race, but just to screw around and see how fast I can get it going or how high I can get one pontoon out of the water without flipping over (which I don't recommend). I have have also been out on the clubs JY15 as well.


I have an old wooden Thistle that tried to sink when we hoisted it into the water this past summer. There's another great winter project! We bought it when we lived on an island in Lake Erie many years ago, and it's been in storage for 25 years since then. It used to be great sailing it in the evenings when the wind would come up.

I also have a Europe Dinghy that I picked up for cheap, for obvious reasons, last winter. I leave it all rigged at my sailing club and I just have to put in the blades and raise the sail, and she's ready to go. I use it when I'm short on time to knock around the reservoir. It's a funny little boat. It feels tippier than the Laser, but it capsizes less. You also have to set the traveler every time you tack, and you have to be pretty agile to get under the boom when you're close hauled. It's super low. It points way better than the Laser.

We are also in the market for a trailerable cruising sailboat, for exploring coastal waters a week at a time. What's good?

I learned to sail in the El Toro my dad built in the late 60's. We hosted the North Americans or Nationals (?) once on Grand Lake, Colo, (at 8000 feet).
We also had a Butterfly (like a C-scow without a jib). My older brother sailed a Thistle, my sister crewed on a Flying Scott.

Laser ll's
Rides/crew on a J24 and several big keelboats on Puget Sound. Didn't learn so much about sailing, but about loud, angry, controlling owner/skippers.

Now I'm back at it with a 'new' '96 Laser. (in Montana?!) What a great boat.
Considered a 470 (who to race against?) and a Soling (what to tow it with, who to race against? There are 4 on Flathead Lake, not all sailable)
WestCoast said:
Flathead Lake is a great place to sail from what I hear. I still haven't been there yet :confused:
Spectacular. 30 miles long and so clean. People should plan a vacation to Glacier National Park around the District championships next summer. We need more boats!

(Thanks for the parts for my borrowed broken boat this summer)


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Oh, Hey Mike! Very glad I could help. Nice to see you posting away here, seem to be getting more and more members these days.

Next summer I'll make the trip to Flathead for certain this time!