Original Laser for Sale - Maryland

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yes, the boat is still available. It is located in Chestertown, MD and is at on the FishWhistle's parking lot. I am asking $1800 and will consider reasonable offers.

Thanks for your interest.
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yes, all parts are included with the boat. I am not sure of the Sail#, I don't recall the number. However, looking at the serial number of the boat itself, I believe that it is a 1980.
Interested in looking at it. In Annapolis and but can't get up till the weekend. If this works for you can we arrange a time to meet maybe on Saturday?
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the boat is actually located at the Fish Whistle restaurant in Chestertown. Feel free to take a look anytime. I don't live in Chestertown but my parents do. Were you able to view the pictures? some people have had trouble viewing them.

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Hi Green dog, were you able to make it to Chestertown this past weekend? if so, do you have any questions about the boat?

Ben Ray
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