Optimum angle to sail upwind toward a windward mark?


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I found this interesting graph on another website. The next chart I am looking for is the speed of the boat relative to the angle of the wind at a particular wind speed. Then it should be possible to find the best angle to sail at where the VMG toward the windward mark is optimal. Has anyone seen an analysis of this nature?
I am new to the C14; does anyone have a set of polar plots for this boat? If so It would save me a lot of time if you were willing to share. I know they will not be "exact" for my boat but it would be far better than nothing! I will eventually develop my own plots but it may take me a year or so to do them right.

Thanks so much for the help!!!!!
I found polar plots for the Omega Capri 14 (forerunner to the Capri 14.2) here, which I think were generated by c14_Jim?
Omega 14 Sailboat: Omega 14 Polar Diagram for wind speed vs. angle vs. boat speed

From those polar plots, you can calculate VMG toward windward ( VMG = Boat Speed * cos(theta) ). From that analysis, it looks like sailing at 30° to the true wind is the best way to make windward speed, though I could be missing something here. Also, I didn't know these boats could get that close to the wind.