Opinions on a trailer - please comment with your experiences


Upside down?
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Yes, please post some pic's of your improvements to the trailer. I'd like to see the bunk changes.
Thank you
I doubt that changing the bunks on a Trailex trailer is necessary. The Sunfish hull is strong(est) where the foam blocks are. Just take a look at the placement of the blocks during the build process:
Sunfish Construction | SailingForums.com

PS: On my Trailex 200S, the forward bunks are under the gunwale (without adjustment), and as you can see on the picture above, the rear foam blocks extend from the cubby to the stern. As long as the rear trailer bunks 'catch' the foam blocks, your fish and trailer should be OK.
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All good info. I was kinda leaning (no pun intending) toward the A-frame type and possibly putting a T on the top for kayaks....and maybe some bikes, lol. Maybe I need a 20' encolsed toy hauler ha ha ha.
If you're possibly putting a T on the top for kayaks, maybe you can tell me what the purpose is, of the two upright wheels on the tailgate of this trailer? :oops:

Looks like they are not permanently mounted, but instead can easily be removed from the mounting "Tubes" they are in. Most likely it is actually a "cart" you are looking at. Once sitting on the wheels the "cart" is used to move a kayak to the water. The uprights fit into the scupper holes that are built into a "Sit On" type kayak.