Open BIC for kids


Upside down?
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Looks like a neat boat to me as well.

You are rebuilding the opti because
  • there are hundreds of other kids your kid can play with on the water; thousands if you look world-wide
  • you love your 12-year old to death
  • you need a project to keep you busy
  • you rather not spend all that money on an Open Bic
  • there must be other reasons, but this list is getting boring
Five-to-ten years from now the story may be different. In fact, I hope that by then the Open Bic will have found a solid spot among our little darlings.
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Actually, that was my plan. Maybe a second (cheap) Laser as he gets bigger / heavier.

The BICs do look like fun though. I learned today there will be regattas in Seattle and nearer me in Coeur d'Alene ID next summer, so there must be a few of them out there already.

Did anyone see the courses they were using for the east coast intro regatta? Zig zags and slaloms and 360's and squares. Now that the event is over, I don't see them on the site anymore. Good way to get kids interested.