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Are there any online resources to show me proper techniques for sailing my Laser to the best of my ability without hiring a coach? Something to show me proper roll tacks, proper position in the boat in different wind conditions, proper hiking technique, proper trim and sail shape, etc.?


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This is a Dutch company. Owner/Olympic Champion coach Roelof Bouwmeester who turned his professional sailing career into a professional coaching career.

Can't help showing this: two of my son's teammates, back in the optimist period
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Thanks again, I never think of You Tube for some reason. I need to get better with it, I find it cumbersome to find the videos that I want. I will look
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I went further into the SportVid website and it is all English. I am not sure why the first pages were not. It looks really good. Thanks!!


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... Let's not forget Jon Emmett who has posted videos and has published books about sailing. (And in real life, he's a nice guy as well! Always willing to help another sailor - at any level performing better).
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Based all the input I have a lot of information to sort through now. I have been working through it and learning a lot. My season starts in just over a month and I am looking forward to it.

I will add Jon Emmett to my list. Keep the suggestions coming, there is never too much input.

Thank you