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Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
I bought a Sunfish that came with this very cool dolly. A small stamped label revealed a patent number. Here’s to Donald S. Wild with his invention of the ONEMAN TRANSPORTATION OF SMALL BOATS. The patent was granted in 1969. Described as “ A device for use at the stern of a small Sunfish-type sailboat to fascilitate ground handling of the boat hull with its rudder in place.”
After a little more research on Mr. Donald Wild I learned that he was an avid sailor and a brilliant man. And from my town! He also liked limericks and wrote a book of them titled “The New England Sailors’ Limerick Guide”
Well, I couldn’t resist. Found a copy online and am now enjoying the book!



Upside down?
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I have never seen one of those either.
I have seen the yellow plastic one that fits the stern and hooks onto the gudgeon with a pin.