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Come within Hail! It’s the One-Design Sailing Symposium Annapolis, MDNovember 19 – 20, 2005

By Patty Lawrence, Inshore Chair of US SAILING and
past president of the Thistle Class Association

There are two basic things that must be in place in order for one-design sailing to grow: a solid foundation and good ‘spark plugs.’

Solid foundations come from three places: the class governance, yacht clubs, and US SAILING. Many one-design classes operate within a solid set of rules and have long histories of committed sailors who care deeply about the class and tend it well. Successful clubs provide strong leadership by promoting the club’s events, training, and social activities. US SAILING provides sailing’s backbone. It’s where the rule book is generated, training programs developed, books published, race officers and sailing instructors trained, elite athletes supported, National Championships are organized, offshore rating certificates issued, insurance made available, one-design class support provided, and much more. US SAILING touches thousands of sailors every year.

The second element for class growth is successful fleets. Successful fleets get new sailors involved and keep participation high. Every fleet needs ‘spark plugs.’ And most emphatically this means you! Active fleets have someone making calls, planning social events, ensuring potential new sailors get a ride; helping educate the fleet, etc. Sailing grows from the bottom up so successful fleets need an enthusiastic captain at the helm.

Fleet growth takes an individual who is creative and independent. However, it is the organization that sustains the sport—I’m not sure what this means. In order for sailing to maintain itself both must be strong. The bottom line is really simple: Solid Structure + Spark Plugs = Class Growth. Two halves come together for the whole package at the US SAILING One-Design Sailing Symposium.

Spark plugs plan on being in Annapolis MD November 19 and 20. Get excited, share ideas, and meet other movers and shakers in our sport. Come away with a notebook jam-packed with ideas, outlines and available programs, a brief case stuffed with goodies, and many, many fantastic ideas. Enjoy at party at Annapolis YC with well-known sailing commentator Gary Jobson and other speakers include US SAILING president Janet Baxter, Sailing World editor John Burnham, one-design sailing guru Greg Fisher (not sure about that title), Tom Hubbell, immediate past president of US SAILING Dave Rosekrans, Dana Paxton and many, many more. Sailing seasons ended might have slowed down for some of you in the northern latitudes so you’re likely to be free that weekend.

Some of the 2005 ODSS topics include:
Rocket Around the Race Course: Skill improvement improves participation
One-Design Parts and Materials for Successful Fleet Building: Results of the Sailing World survey and a discussion on fleet building. Fundamental Rules of Newsletters: Communication is the key for successful Growth and Promotion.
More Boats on the Starting Line: One-design classes and sailing clubs working together promote growth.
Put Insurance Needs Clear Ahead. Ensure your class, club, event, and self are coved.
Speed Schmeed: It’s the fleet with the spark plug’s hand on the tiller that wins the bullet for leadership.
The Whole Crew: Everybody goes sailing if the women show up.
Sailing the Proper Course to Great Public Relations: Fleets all over are doing really cool things. Tell the world.
Screaming Plane Web Pages. Don’t let your web page ghost along in a drifter. Learn the ropes to make your web page useful for both class members and potential class members. It’s one of your biggest marketing tools.
Gather New Attendees for the Gun: Sure-fire methods to attract new sailors.
To PFD or Not to PFD: A One-design safety workshop

Register Now for 2005 One-Design Sailing Symposium

The 2005 One-Design Sailing Symposium is open for online registration. The two-day event will feature more than 25 presenters on topics ranging from fleet building to working with clubs to grow to get more boats on the line. Gary Jobson tops the list with the featured presentation on Saturday night at Annapolis Yacht Club. For details on how to register, go to:

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