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120 Plaques for the ISAF Youths in Poland

LP is the supplier for the ISAF Youths in Poland next month. 120 boats are allocated for that event and it looks as if there are 120 plaques (stickers...) issued for that event. I heard this news last week when I had a conversation with one of LP's shareholders (and stakeholder as well). He told me about this. So at least 120 boats will be available after the Youth Worlds.



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Yeah, I can't remember the source now but it was a few weeks ago that the LP-proposed joint WS-ILCA "inspection" event was said to be turned into a "limited plaque-attaching" one instead.

Maybe it's a good sign: LP could have gone very nasty about this, Sunfish-style.



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You could be right with that. There would be:
  • a more official announcement from parties involved;
  • a different tone of voice(...) next to the pics of LP's Fb.