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Local FD "rescue team" ("team in need of rescue" is more like it...)

Using a retired (beyond economical repair) TPWD game warden boat as their rescue boat.
The hull is beat up and bent.
Engine is so "reliable" that once they got it running they preferred to idle for 1.5 hr tied to the dock rather than risk not being able to get it started again.
Took them 1.5 hr to figure out who was going to go out on a body recovery... and how to put on life jackets.

And that's what they did right...

Their life jackets are the wrong size with adolescent being their large.
Half of their life jackets have obviously bad flotation , all crumbled up in the bottom of the "bags". I doubt one of them that a FD member wore would support 10 lbs.
From 20 ft away I could see the fuel leaking from their boats fuel hose.
They didn't have any docking lines so they were using a rescue bag/line to moor the boat.

These clowns would just be a danger to themselves in anything more complex than what thy had to do yesterday...

If they had to go out to help a boater in bad weather they'd need to be rescued too.


Sounds like we one the forum here could help them out some. I wonder if anyone on here has extra life jackets, could volunteer some training hours, etc.???


They didn't want to hear about it when I suggested they needed life jackets that might actually float (not quite that bluntly...)