Omega Restoration Hull # 510


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You guys are awesome! This site has been a huge source of information in restoring my Omega. I took the "Reverie" formerly named Cebu' Out on the water for the first time in over 10 years last July and was it a learning experience.

Some back story, I sailed this boat with my father in the late 90's and we were de-masted in the inter-coastal Water way the Cebu' had not seen water since. This boast inspired me to race lasers & J-boats in highschool and created a huge love for the water in me as a teen. Sometime last spring '14 I decided It would be great to begin sailing the boat again and 10 plus years out of the water and in the weather had taken it toll...

I first took it out on a local lake (to make sure it floated) and quickly discovered some rot in the centerboard which resulted in the centerboard flying back up into the boat and the wind quickly pushing me into the back with no control.... :( two months later. The centerboard was repaired and I took it to Lake Sinclair, GA and actually got some decent sailing in! But once again I discovered numerous parts missing or breaking under load. So I decided to begin replacing parts!

So now we have come to today, I recently ordered a replacement forestay & shrouds, replacement mast foote (the previous was shattered from the de-masting), Replacement Jib Hanks, the list goes on... and I've found the original wire halyards for the Jib & Main sail.

and now for my questions... Does anyone have photos (preferrable HD) of the way they have their Omegas rigged? standing & running rigging? Cockpit setup? many of the photos I've found online are too blurry to have any detail in helping me Re-reg. The previous rig was not the original setup based on diagrams i've seen and I'd like to see what people have seen works.

For anyone else looking to restore an Omega here's a link to some of the site who were a HUGE help. From parts to ideas.

All of these photos are from last year so I'll hopefully be posting some new photos later this summer with many of the replaced parts and changes I've made to it. I'm actually headed to West Marine to go pickup my replacement line.

Thanks all!

Hopefully next winter I'll be ordering a replacement fiberglass centerboard....

20140529_025127115_iOS.jpg 20140531_155708638_iOS.jpg 20140615_203032349_iOS.jpg 20140703_223653888_iOS.jpg 20140703_223821224_iOS.jpg ANDREWDESKTOP - 20140704_155542561_ios.jpg