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Great video. I'm a new C14 owner on a small lake in Colorado with a backdrop of the Rocky Mountains; i.e., Longs Peak and Mt. Meeker. Yours is breathtaking. Your video was soooo perfect ... textbook from beginning to end. I've yet to experience it myself but will rerun your video in my mind when it happens.

Thank you!



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It is not really me.

I didn't mean to imply that they video is of me. It is one I just happened to find on YouTube. I haven't capsized my Omega 14...yet. I came close last Friday. I was on the wrong side after I tacked and a gust of wind hit, and while I struggled with the mainsheet cleat I came so close I thought that was it. Surprisingly after a severe heel angle it came upright when I finally released the mainsheet. It was one of those cases where I really didn't recall well what exactly I did to cause such mayhem.
It was one of those cases where I really didn't recall well what exactly I did to cause such mayhem.
:) This is a very familiar statement Jim, I hope there will be a time when I could be aware of every little thing going on around me while sailing; or, Is that too much to ask?
Every 14.2 owner should be able to right his/her boat as fast and as efficiently as this fellow. Find a quiet area of a lake and practice this over and over. Once you can do it easily, then you can say you know how to sail this boat. It's as easy as it looks, your first few times will be very wet and you will have a more difficult time but by the 3rd or 4th time, you will be tired of getting wet, (important part of the training) and be faster and more efficient. are afraid of the water or not a decent swimmer, or you are too fat or lazy to accomplish righting your boat, then you should not have one and NEVER allow someone else in the boat with you! If your afraid, get over it! Kids do this all day long at the sail clubs and schools.
If there is enough interest, maybe next year at Nationals we can set up a area and practice this with some support and coaching.
Sailing a small dingy style boat requires this skill and your life and others can depend on how efficient you are. Your enjoyment level will soar when you are a competent skipper.
Before one goes out and practices the capsize drill , try to board your boat from the water . Try this near the shore anchored or tied off in case you cant get back in ! Find out what it is gonna take for you to get back in when your in deeper water and perhaps more perilous conditons . Some are able to hoist themselves over the side, some require a ladder.

We do M.O.B. drills also , on the little boats , the crew must be able to handle the sails and take the helm if the Skipper goes overboard .

and always WEAR A PFD !

Safe sailing !

Yeah that would be kind of important...thanks for bringing it up.
I can't imagine anyone sailing today without a PFD on, spend some cash and get one that you can wear all the time and again learn how it works.
I was thinking today that it has been years since I even practiced it, I am in better physical condition at 55 than I was even in my 30's however there is no substitute for practice.

Jim: Nice video though he should be wearing a PFD! Looks like the captain picked a nice day to practice-- fairly light wind, not too cold, and backup folks available. He obviously sat on low side so that it would capsize, then was agile enough to make a very nice recovery. That kind of practice will come in real handy should he get into a more severe situation. Its also good to practice a capsize where one enters the water and climbs in over the transom, and also with crew aboard, all wearing pfd's. RK


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Should be wearing a PFD

PFD: Good observation. Definitely. Like waring a parachute, you may not need it, but if you do then.....:mad:
We do M.O.B. drills also , on the little boats , the crew must be able to handle the sails and take the helm if the Skipper goes overboard
Rob! What if there's no crew? :eek: ......Has anyone tried out their Capri 14.2 with full sails un-manned? ... like we used to do with our little sailboats as kids?
There's an old saying George that says " let yer vessel have a bit O' weather helm lest she leave to the sea "

Some Ocean going Solo Sailors drag a line behind their boat in case of them going MOB.

Prevention - check your hiking straps !

Good sailing!

I believe...and now I'm going to have to try it, the boat should head up with the mail sheet released, even if the jib sheet is still locked. I almost always sail with the main sheet in my hand, unlocked and if there are strong gusts, I for sure hold it, the second I feel a gust and the boat begin to heel, I let out the main accordingly. If your main is locked, you must be able to unlock it and let it out in a smooth quick action. I also will head up on gusts, it all depends on the point of sail and my control. It is not a "normal" action to get knocked down, mastering sailing techniques will get your boat upright and you shouldn't worry about knock downs. It is almost difficult for me to capsize my boat, it's like trying to fall off a bike.
When I solo, I have a tether that attaches to my PFD, it is a pain but, I know that I am going to stay on the boat. I accidentally jibed years ago and almost took my head off and just missed going into the drink. At that point I was sailing almost everyday and I was at the top of my game and I almost bought it. It can happen to anyone, anytime.