Olympic sailing?


Upside down?
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Top level sailors often wear a PFD under an outer layer. I just looked at some video of the 2008 British Yngling team where they are wearing PFDs underneath.

As an aside: an Yngling is a keelboat and there are a lot of rescue and other boats on the water at the Olympics.

Finally, sane people do wear a PFD on keelboats when help wouldn't be immediately available and when the conditions get a bit rough.


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Most keelboat sailors wouldn't be caught dead wearing a life jacket.
Yup..., that's just how you'd catch them.

One time MOB off the bow in a race and you'll never leave home without one. Maybe not a horse collar, but a self-inflating PFD.

...be safe out there.

photos I've seen show dinghy racers all wearing PFD'S, usually , as was pointed out, worn under a tight fitting shirt. This I suspect minimizes the chances of anything in the rigging snagging on the PFD. To go out in any boat and not wear a PFD is idiocy, what if you hit the water unconcious, injured or the water is very cold? If you can't be rescued within minutes your history.